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  1. Will any data be deleted when Tera's storage space runs low?

    No, none of your data will ever be deleted when Tera runs low on memory. In addition, Tera's VIP expansion service (available in 2017) will allow you to access more than 1TB of storage, ensuring your phone never runs out of space.

  2. What if I need more than 1TB of space on my phone?

    Tera's VIP expansion service, launching in 2017, will allow you to access more than 1TB of storage space.

  3. Will Tera use up any ROM (Read-Only Memory) on my phone?

    Yes, but only a very limited amount. Tera is intelligent enough to preserve as much of your phone's built-in memory as it can.

  4. Can I delete data stored in Tera?

    Yes. You can delete data in Tera, just like you can delete data on your phone.

  5. When does Tera store to the cloud those apps I haven't used in a while?

    Once Tera detects that your phone is low on storage space, it will optimize mobile efficiency by automatically storing your long-unused apps/data in the cloud.

  6. Does Tera sync information on your phone to the cloud only when connected to WiFi?

    No. Tera can back up mobile data through WiFi or a mobile network. You change this in your settings.

  7. Can I use my apps when Tera is backing up my phone?

    When connected to a network, Tera is constantly transferring data to the cloud. You'll never experience any interruptions when using your phone.

  8. What will happen to the data stored in Tera if my phone stops working?

    With Tera, you won't have to worry about this. All of your apps and data are securely stored in the Tera cloud. You can download them at any time by visiting the myTera website.

  9. If I lose my phone, will somebody else be able to access my information on Tera?

    We highly recommend that you set proper mobile security mechanisms like a passcode and fingerprint locks and, if you lose your phone, to immediately turn off Tera’s synchronization function on the myTera website.

  10. How can I continue using Tera when I get a new phone?

    To continue using Tera, you will need to purchase another Tera-mounted device.

  11. What should I do with the data stored in Tera if I want to sell my phone? Will the next owner be able to access my Tera information?

    Be sure to log out of Tera before handing your phone over to the next person. However, beforehand you can either transfer your data to a new smartphone with Tera or download all the data you stored on the cloud from the myTera website. The new owner of the phone can use Tera by setting up a new Tera account with their Google account. Buying or selling a phone with Tera does not affect any of the information on your own Tera account.

  12. Will the data I store in Google Drive use up any of my Tera storage space?

    No. Google Drive storage and Tera storage are completely separate.

  13. Does Tera share storage space with my phone's ROM?

    Yes, but only to a very limited degree.

  14. Can my phone access apps stored in Tera via a 3G network?

    Yes. Tera can also work on 3G.

  15. Does Tera work even when there’s no telecommunications service or WiFi connection?

    No. To sync and access your data, Tera needs to be connected to a phone network or WiFi.

  16. What else does Tera store besides apps?

    Tera automatically stores all of the data in your phone. This includes pictures, videos, games, and even messages in Line. Unlike other cloud systems, Tera's cloud memory extension is the only one capable of backing up all of the data in your phone, including information stored exclusively within apps, such as Line or WhatsApp. With Tera, you can access all your digital data at any time from the Tera app or via the myTera website.

  17. Can a smartphone with Tera be used as a portable hard drive?

    Yes, you can use any phone with Tera as a portable hard drive. When you connect the phone to a computer, you can transfer files like photos, videos, documents, and more. In addition, Tera will automatically back up files stored in the device to the Tera cloud while the network is connected.

  18. How do I see the data I've stored on Tera?

    You can view the stored files on your mobile or on the myTera website. You can also re-download any of the stored data back onto your phone from the myTera website.

  19. How do I know how much storage space I have left on Tera?

    You can view your Tera storage usage on your phone and on the myTera website.

  20. How secure is my data in the Tera cloud?

    All the data stored in Tera is encrypted.

  21. If I delete an app on my phone, will Tera delete the app in the cloud?

    Yes. While synchronizing data on your phone to the cloud, files that no longer exist on your phone will be deleted in the cloud.

  22. Will Tera access payment information stored in Android Pay?

    No. Tera can't access any of your payment details or your personal information, including passcodes.

  23. Do I need to manually select the apps I want to back up to Tera?

    No, you don’t need to manually select apps; Tera automatically backs up all of your apps.

  24. Can I share the data stored in my Tera cloud with others?

    The share functionality is currently not available.

  25. Can I use one Google account for multiple Tera-mounted devices simultaneously?

    Yes. You can be signed into multiple Tera-mounted devices at the same time with one Google account. Tera's storage spaces are independent from each device.

  26. Can I sign into a phone with Tera with more than one Google account?

    You can appoint only ONE of your Google accounts to a Tera-mounted phone. If the phone gets a new owner, that person can then sign into a new or existing Tera account using their own Google account.

  27. Can I transfer data from one Tera smartphone to another if I have two devices?

    Of course. Simply download what you want to transfer from the cloud via the myTera website onto your computer, then transfer it from the computer to the other Tera device.

  28. Will I be notified of Tera's latest updates?

    Yes. Tera automatically notifies users of the latest update.

General Questions

  1. What can I do if my Android phone runs out of memory space?

    If you run out of memory space on your phone, you can buy an expansion card to get more storage space, if your phone has a built-in slot for such a card. However, not all game apps and programs can be transferred from ROM to the expansion card. We recommend that you think carefully before adopting this solution.

    Developed by Hope Bay Mobile, Inc., Tera is a “cloud memory extension” based on patented technologies. It uses tremendous storage space to simulate virtual memory in your phone. To stop worrying about running out of ROM capacity on your smartphone, we recommend that you purchase an Android mobile with Tera built in.

  2. What is Tera?

    Tera is a next-generation cloud memory extension that seamlessly integrates cloud storage technology with your phone's physical storage capacity, allowing you to access upwards of 1TB of data. With Tera, you never have to worry about running out of storage space on your phone.

  3. How can I use Tera?

    To use Tera, simply purchase an Android phone with Tera built in.

  4. Do I need an account and a password to sign up for Tera?

    Yes. To use Tera, you need to set up an account and a password. When you first purchase a Tera Android, the phone will walk you through the process.

  5. Do I need to provide any personal information to set up a Tera account?

    No. All you need is your Google account.

  6. What should I do if I forget my account, password, or both?

    Tera is connected to your Google account, so if you forget your account name and/or password, simply follow Google's procedure to restore your account and/or password. All the information is available on Google's website.

  7. Which mobile OS can Tera support?

    Tera is currently compatible only with Android OS.